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Size: width 15 cm, 50 cm l...

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Water Softener nano Sunny-Eco SE20N3

Water Softener nano Sunny-Eco SE20N3 is very small size, compact filter consists of 3 floors, suitable for use in family, school, kindergarten or the company (reducing cost 10-20 times the monthly drinking water office).

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Water Softener nano Sunny-Eco SE20N3 introduction

Water Softener nano Sunny-Eco SE20N3 is produced by JSC Sunshine Ecological Technology.
1. Composition:
Water Softener Sunny nano-sized Eco SE20N3 very small, compact filter consists of 3 floors:
- Floor first filter aid: High-pressure compressed carbon CTO layer 20 inches (50.8 cm) with the function increasing filtration efficiency, good handling chlorinated water, taste and smell.
- Floor second filter support: material containing ion exchange resin functional 20-inch Catinon reducing the heavy metals in the water, such as Fe, Ca, Cu, Mn ..., softening hard water.
- The third floor contains 1 core 20-inch nanofiltration AquaVallis adsorption function of harmful impurities extremely small size (less than 0.1 microns) that the cores on unfiltered all still remain. Kills bacteria, including bacteria, heat-resistant, not for bacteria development in the country. And core nano decide specification uses the entire refinery and water quality after filtration.
2. Features:
- Due to the powerful features and versatile in the water filter should be one of the core nano-Eco Water Purifier replaces Sunny 7 filters and accessories of different kinds of water filters
- Dimensions: width 15 cm, 50 cm long, 62 cm high
- Case is made of plastic, with price crashes
Machine suitable for use in family, school, kindergarten or the company (reducing cost 10-20 times the monthly drinking water office)
3. Water sources used for filtering:
- All sources of water: rain water, tap water, water wells, water wells, pond and stream (treated filtration)
- Do not put water too dirty, with mud to the filter. The appliance can filter the dirty water but such extreme filter faster and faster to replace core switches
4. Advantages compared to other types of water filters:
- Retain all kinds of natural minerals and micronutrients necessary for the human body
- Water after filtration standards world clean water, sterile, without even drinking boiled
5. Environment-friendly:
- Non-electric water filter, no need to pump. Just have one water pressure from 0.5 - 3 at the machine works well
- Do not use ultraviolet light (UV) is harmful to health
6. High water use efficiency:
- There is no waste water. Take how much water there is this much to be filtered out of water
- Speed ​​very fast filter: 8 liters / minute (480 liters / hour). Therefore, without a container. When to get water, then turn the faucet to filter
- The reserve of large filters: 40,000 liters
- Costs for 1 liter of water quality was CHEAP

Joint Stock Company Anh Duong Ecological Technology introduction

General introduction:

Corporation Sunshine Ecological Technology was founded in August 2007 in Hanoi. As the first company to bring nanotechnology water filters in Vietnam, even after Russian Academy of Sciences patent nano water purifiers AquaVallis-USVR first time in the world, has been allowed to Russian market.

May 10-2007, in the Russian Federation, Sunny-Eco sign documents nano Cooperation Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences on nanotechnology applications in Vietnam. The company became the sole agent for the Russian Academy of Sciences in Vietnam and Asean.

May 11-2007, Sunny-Eco organized the first seminar in Vietnam on "Nanotechnology and water purification equipment nanotechnology of Russian Academy of Sciences" (allowed by the MARD). Consumers eagerly welcomed Vietnam nanotechnology and nano water purifiers Sunny-Eco (with the core nano-USVR AquaVallis)

May 3-2008, Sunny-Eco organized a workshop for the second time on "Nanotechnology and nanotechnology applications of Russian Academy of Sciences in water filtration and water treatment in Vietnam". In Hanoi, the signed documents confirming the "Sunny-Eco JSC is the exclusive representative and strategic partner in Asean HLKH Institute Russia" about water purification equipment and the application of nanotechnology in the field of water treatment and environment.

May 4-2008, Sunny-Eco to market the water purifier first nanotechnology at Vietnam, types of small capacity for domestic use.

May 9-2009, the company Sunny-Eco design water purification system first nanotechnology D20HS large capacity, providing clean water to drink directly sterile. Since that system has provided much D20HS basis: from the mountains of Hong Thai schools, Tuyen Quang. French BEODEMA Group bought the PT Dong Trieu Dong Xuan Knitting Factory, the Japanese company in Dong Van to church Tan Lam - Tay Nguyen, the company Green Tech Europe in Phu Quoc ...

May 10-2010, in Hanoi, the general director of the Russian center signed nano text "Technology transfer production of nanoscale filters in Vietnam" for Sunny-Eco JSC.

May 12-2011, engaged in introduction, display and demonstration of technology connect supply and demand in 2011 for the 64 Department of Science and Technology Center and the transfer of technological applications of the provinces and cities nationwide.

In 2012, continue to participate in technology transfer activities by the Ministry of Science and Technology held in Ha Tinh province and 2013 in Pacific City

2014, import softener Sunny-Eco Nano last generation: Super-5. Products are designed to fit the style with Vietnam, the inner nanostructures Russian Academy of Sciences on the system produced the most modern line.

Practice Areas:

- Production and supply various kinds of water filters nanotechnology
- Production of nanomaterials and nanodevices in Vietnam
- Consulting, system design industrial wastewater treatment and living; Deployment of large projects on water treatment, water supply and water immediately.

Agent system and product promotion:

May 8-2008, Sunny-Eco held its Dealer Network nationwide. Softener Sunny tingle nano-Eco is the national television channels. Newsletter VTV1, seven days VTV2 technology, time and program the "Choice and Select", "Women and the times", "health and beauty secret" of HTV, VTC14 reportage of recording and broadcasting.


Constantly implemented in cooperation with the scientific and technological institutions in the country and the international organizations and foreign technology companies: the Red Cross & Crescent International. Experts from Australia "Training green technology", "Doan Hungarian Academy of Geothermal Energy Technologies", "Union leaders of science and technology the western provinces"


- Receive prize Vifotec science and technology:
In 2008-2009, the Company together with the Institute for Research IWE application deployment & testing nanomaterials in Vietnam arsenic filter. May 4-2011, Sunny-Eco with IWE Institute receives "Award VIFOTEC science and technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association and granted approval for the project" Production of water filters filter arsenic, applications use of nanomaterials in Vietnam Russia HLKH Institute ".

- Get the noble title:
+ To be awarded the title "Entrepreneur Enterprises Hanoi gold in 2010"
+ May 12-2010, received gold medals and certificates of title of Vietnam High Quality suitable standard for water filters nanotechnology D20HS (Number DK 734 / QD-LHH dated 30-12-2010).
+ May 12-2010, received gold medals and certificates of title of Vietnam High Quality suitable standard for water filters nanotechnology TRIO 10 (Number DK 734 / QD-LHH dated 30-12-2010) .
+ Get 'Gold Cup brand safe for public health "in June 2012 by the United Association of Science and Technology of Vietnam, the Vietnam Food Safety for consideration and award.

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